Monthly Archives: March 2020

Offering Help During this Difficult Time

At any other point in time, this post would seem more than a little weird. But, as we all know, these are different times. We here at The Hamzy Law Firm, like many people in our communities, have been looking for ways to help others during this difficult period. So, when we were ordering office supplies from WB Mason, just for ha ha’s, we looked to see if they had any paper goods. Surprisingly they had paper towels. So, we bought some extra rolls.

   Having never done this before, we have no idea what the right way or what the wrong way is to handle this, however we would like to give away 20 of these rolls to people who honestly need them. CNA’s, clinical workers, custodians, people who have been laid off, etc… If you have a need, please call our office and we’ll give up to 2 rolls per family.

   Due to the Stay at Home order issued by the Governor, DO NOT COME TO THE OFFICE WITHOUT CALLING FIRST. If you call & there’s no answer, please leave a message. We’ll give these away starting tomorrow (3/25). Thanks and thank you to all of the people who are helping all of us get through this difficult time.

State of Connecticut Business Resources

The State of Connecticut is continuing to take major steps to protect our businesses and residents during the coronavirus crisis. Here are some updates:

·     DECD’s COVID-19 Business Emergency Response Unit: The Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development has created a COVID-19 Business Emergency Response Unit dedicated to assisting businesses navigate resources and develop new resources. A dedicated phone line is has been set up at 860-500-2333 to provide assistance to Connecticut’s small businesses for this purpose.

·     SBA assistance: On March 16, the U.S. Small Business Administration approved Governor Lamont’s request to begin offering disaster-relief loans to Connecticut small businesses and nonprofits. Companies in the state can now apply for loans of up to $2 million through a special page on the SBA website. SBA also has more valuable information for businesses.

·     Tax filing extensions: The Department of Revenue Services has extended deadlines for filing and payments associated with certain state business tax returns. Details are on DRS’s website.

·     Unemployment assistance: Workers directly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic no longer must be actively searching for work to qualify for unemployment assistance. And employers who are furloughing workers can use the Department of Labor’s shared work program, which allows businesses to reduce working hours and have those wages supplemented with unemployment insurance. DOL has more information about these and other changes.

·     Business Interruption Insurance: A business interruption insurance policy should list or describe the types of events it covers. Events that are not described in the policy are typically not covered. It is important to review the policy exclusions, coverage limits, and applicable deductibles with your agent, broker or insurer. The Connecticut Insurance Department has an FAQ that provides more information.